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the city, the country was plunged into anarchy. This state of
affairs prevailed for some time. Then it was decided that the
brothers, Tirunialaraya and Ramaraya, as both of them vrere
the sons-in-law of Krsnaraya, should be crowned and that their
capital should be the city of Yidyanagara.

Kaijiyat of DupZd* : L. . 8, p. 446-

Cina Timma i  O ! PemmasaniAkkaya-Chia Timma, Olord
of big victories and great virtues, you won a victory over
Salakaraju in the battle-field of Juturu displaying your valour.
You reduced the fort of Betamcerla to dust, and destroyed the
pride of Cintagunta Raghupati. Yon put to tiight Salaka
once again in a fierce battle in the neighbourhood of
Bedakallu. You killed the adventurous Saiijlva Khan (Sanjar
Khan?), and captured Adavani. Having put to death the
wanderer Salakaya Timma, you invested the Raya with

Kaijiyat cf XurivikuZam Mac. Ms*. 15-3-15, p. 40.

Pemmnsani Narasimha :  0 I Pemmasani Xarasimha, the
possessor of all novel titles such as ; the placer of the foot on
the head of the obstinate Turuskas\ is it possible even to Sea
(the thousand-ton gued serpent) to describe properly your
victory to the world ? Ramalinga, (your paternal uncle^ the
elder brother of your father), disgraced the three vazlrs* Your
father Peda Timma crushed the pride of Dastur Khan.
Your elder brother Cinna Nayaka confounded the army of
Masta Khan. Keeping that in your mind, you destroyed the;
army of Asvaraya at Jaminalamadugu.f

, Pt. II, pp. 87-8.

That excellent king's wife was Gopamambika, the store-
house of good qualities.    Gropamamba and Timma obtained by
*-Tki* eridently refers to the battle wfeiek Kt5Qft<15vaiSya fought witli &* anaiw
of  'XdU Shah,  Nielxa  ShSOi,  ud Qn\b  ShXh on th* banks  of tke   Kftgi   i
Rwnalinga Naysuju itad preatly distiB^dah.e<i himself.
t Tkes Tictories canaot "b id*atid at pr*swit*